Welcome Specials for MYS patients

Botox Special
Off with a minimum of $250 treatment
Relax those lines
New Patients
Active FX Face
Stimulate collagen & look refreshed
Did you know at age 30 we lose 1% of collagen each year? Boost collagen, tone, tighten and retexture
New Patients
BFF Referral
Off for you and a friend
Share Mind Your Skin with a friend and you receive a $50 referral credit and friend receives $50 off * Friend must spend minimum of $250 for BFF promotion


Buy a gift certificate and receive a complimentary Avene skin-care product.
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Fillers & Botox



Select from the most reliable cosmetic skin care treatments and available services such as...

The V Liquid Lift
$300 off
2 syringes of Juvederm Voluma, choice of 1 syringe of Vollure or Volbella & Botox treatment
Longer lasting fillers that restore volume with Vy cross technology and relax wrinkles
expires 4/30/18
Try a New area with Botox
$25-75 off
Look more refreshed with Botox
Add a new area with Botox & receive discount depending on area treated
Expires 4/30/18
Eye Love It
Glytone EL treatment to brighten tired eyes & fine lines
series of 4, no downtime
*offer expires 4/30/18




Select from the most reliable cosmetic skin care treatments and available services such as...

Vitamin B12
Increase metabloism, energy, boost immune system & skin health
Free with any treatment at MYS
*offer expires 4/30/18
Auspect Vitamin A
Non-irritating blend of Vitamin A & E & receive a free hydrating or exfoliating mask
Australian skincare without any harsh ingredients
*offer expires 4/30/18
Glytone Neck & Chest peel
Decrease Fine lines, pigmentation and improve neck & chest appearance
series of 4 with no downtime
*offer expires 4/30/18





MYS Maintenance Program Pre-book 4 months after first tx
Receive savings at next pre-booked appt & monthly specials
*Must use minimum of 25 units Botox & or 1 syringe of Filler