Double Chin Reduction for the Philadelphia Area

That telltale bulge known as a double chin can be a particularly frustrating pocket of fat since it has a reputation for refusing to slim down, even when subjected to consistent exercise and dieting. The stubborn fat cells that makeup what is technically known as submental fullness can be reduced, however, with Kybella® in Philadelphia, PA, and Havertown, PA Mind Your Skin.

Kybella™ in Havertown and Philadelphia PA

Norbertus Robben, MD, administers Kybella® injections to patients seeking a longterm solution for their double chin, since reduced volume due to fat cells once broken down by the treatment has been shown to stay reduced. It is important to continue a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain the neck-slimming results since remaining fat cells can enlarge!

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What Are the Basics of Kybella®?

The FDA approved Kybella® to address moderate to severe submental fat in adults who want to change their profile. Its active ingredient, deoxycholic acid, is a formula based on the naturally occurring enzyme our bodies make to break down fats during digestion.

Kybella Injections

What is a Kybella® Session Like?

Before any injections are made, Dr. Robben meets with patients to fully understand their aesthetic goal and determine that the appropriate treatment is being chosen. With Kybella® decided on, he will make multiple injections in the neck area, following a grid pattern in order to maximize natural-looking results, as well as safety.

The deoxycholic acid in Kybella® is a powerful chemical and does not automatically target fat cells. It must be directed by a skilled and practiced hand. Dr. Robben has a thorough understanding of facial anatomy and the experience necessary for delivering ideal results.

Adra, female Kybella patient

David, male Kybella patient

More than one treatment session is typically necessary in order for a patient to achieve the desired level of volume reduction. If multiple Kybella® injection sessions are desired, they will be spaced at least one month apart.

Dr. Norbertus Robben

Meet Dr. Norbertus Robben

Get to know a physician committed to using his international medical experience, modern technology, and recognized aesthetic sensibility and eye for detail to help his patients look and feel their best—safely and naturally.

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How Long Do Kybella® Results Last?

Medical scientists are still exploring how fat works and the ways it grows in the body, but it is generally understood that once fat cells are damaged and then targeted and eliminated by the body—a process known as apoptosis—those fat cells do not return.

Before and After
Before and After Before and After

*Individual results may vary.

Before and After
Before and After Before and After

*Individual results may vary.

What Else is Available in the Havertown and Philadelphia Area?

Reducing submental fullness with Kybella® can help improve jawline definition, as can addressing jowls that droop due to increased laxity of facial tissue over time. An alternative is a neck lift/liposuction, but also our award-winning Profound, which not only reduces fat but also results in an overall improvement in skin quality and elasticity.

Dr. Robben’s cosmetic procedures for contouring elsewhere on the body include UltraShape® Power to break up fat cells with ultrasound energy and VelaShape® III to shrink fat cells, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and improve skin quality by stimulating collagen. This is great for toning flabby arms, the back of the legs, and buttocks. Our non-surgical energy-based skin lifting and tightening on the face can further improve contours there and can be combined with judicious use of fillers.

Discover what the Mind Your Skin team has to offer to anyone looking to make an aesthetic change, whether reducing a double chin or slimming down a belly bulge.

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