Jeuveau ™ (prabotulinumtoxinA-xvfs)

A New Solution to Relax Frown Lines Near You in Philadelphia and Havertown

Youthful skin tends to “bounce back” to a smooth, unlined state, even after making the most severe expressions. Over time, however, aging skin begins to show the signs of a lifetime of scowls and squints. Glabellar lines, better known as “frown lines” develop between the eyebrows. But with Jeuveau (prabobotulinumtoxinA-xvfs) the muscles responsible for these visible lines can relax. Reduced action equals reduced wrinkles.

Get Jeuveau Near Me in Philadelphia & Havertown, PA

Dr Robben administers Jeuveau at Havertown’s Mind Your Skin, also serving nearby Broomall, Bryn Mawr, Ardmore, and Wynnewood. It also serves Springfield, and Media, Philadelphia , West Chester and beyond. He draws on his considerable experience specializing in minimally invasive and noninvasive cosmetic procedures, including 16 years of other neuromodulator treatments, such as BOTOX®, Dysport® and Xeomin® to give his patients the best results possible in each session.

What Are the Jeuveau Basics?

Jeuveau, by Evolus and marketed as #NEWTOX, is the newest addition in 10 years in a category of injectable cosmetic treatments known as “neuromodulators.” This group also includes BOTOX®, Dysport®, and Xeomin®.

All these neuromodulators are highly purified forms of Botulinum toxin. Carefull injection into target muscles induces a block of signals from the nerves to the muscles. During this time, muscle contractions are diminished—even when the surrounding muscles continue to operate normally. Typical muscle activity begins to return to the area over time, allowing the unwanted frown lines to become increasingly visible again.

The FDA approved Jeuveau specifically for use on frown lines. Patients who choose this injectable from the Mind Your Skin menu of services will find that they can continue to make a natural range of expressions and not have a “frozen look.”

What is a Jeuveau Session Like?

Each treatment begins with a complimentary consultation that allows Dr. Robben to get to know you and your cosmetic goals. Together, you will determine how best to move forward.

The Jeuveau session itself will last about 10 to 15 minutes, with Dr. Robben making the necessary injections with both care and efficiency. Each injection causes a sensation that is like a small “pinch” or “mosquito bit” to the skin.

Sometimes in the hours after a session, there can be some minor swelling, redness or bruising, or minimal discomfort at the injection site. No special action is required, as these effects will fade on their own. Dr. Robben can discuss other possible side effects during your consultation.

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How Long Do Jeuveau Results Last?

The frown-smoothing effect of Jeuveau comes in within up to 10 days and last for several months. These effect then gradually wear off so re-treatment becomes necessary every 4 months or so to maintain the desired outcomes.

Patients who would like to use Jeuveau as a long-term solution to signs of aging may consider Dr. Robben’s Maintenance Program. Roughly three treatments a year are likely sufficient for maintaining the desired skin-smoothing results.

Jeuveau Near Me results Philadelphia & Havertown, PA

Something to keep in mind: Jeuveau™ and two of the other Botulinum toxins can induce an immune response in your system. As a result over time, you would become somewhat resistant. We can try and overcome this by increasing your dose (treating more often would make the issue worse). This is known as dose-creep and occurs in up to 14% of patients.  We can also switch to Xeomin (incobotulinumtoxinA) which has never been reported to have this issue. The reason is explained in the link. Please bear in mind that it may take a few cycles to wash out your existing antibodies. As that process is allowed to take place, the Xeomin becomes more efficient and you may experience the response you initially got with your other botulinum product.

What Can Complement Jeuveau?

Aside from neuromodulators to relax frown lines and other dynamic wrinkles, Mind Your Skin also offers numerous dermal fillers for adding volume and addressing static wrinkles. These lines appear as skin ages but are not the result of direct muscle activity. When combined, the two types of injectables give the entire face a more youthful look, which is ideal for patients who have more than one area with signs of aging present.

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Norbertus Robben, MD, performs all of the injections himself, working with each patient to determine which injectable and which pattern of injection is right for our Havertown, Main Line, PA, and surrounding areas. The four neuromodulator (Jeuveau™ is the newest) options are all similar, but have subtle differences that we review during an initial consultation. In combination with fillers, neuromodulators can help achieve a ‘liquid face-lift’. In our experienced hands, whether you are from Philadelphia, Havertown, Springfield or Media, West Chester, PA, the Main Line around Bryn Mawr, Ardmore or Wynnewood, you can expect months of a softer, more youthful look!

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