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An Injectable for Smoothing Wrinkles in the Philadelphia, Havertown, PA and Surrounding Areas

Botox Cosmetic Injections Philadelphia PA

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Though wrinkles may appear all over and seemingly out of nowhere, many of them actually have a very specific cause: muscle activity. Repeated expressions we make, year after year, pull lines into the skin in the same position each time, and eventually, the folds show even at rest. For anyone unhappy with these facial muscle-related wrinkles, Mind Your Skin offers BOTOX® in Philadelphia, Havertown, Main Line, PA, and wider Philadelphia area, women and men can get smoother skin for months at a time with a treatment that can be administered over the lunch hour or on the way home!

Botox Philadelphia PA

Norbertus Robben, MD, personally performs all of the BOTOX® injections.  Mind Your Skin in Havertown and South Philadelphia, services communities in the Delaware Valley from Media to West Chester,  from Bryn Mawr to Ardmore and Wynnewood. We have patient driving in from as far as Wilmington, Delaware, Pottstown and Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania and beyond. Even patients that long since have moved out of state still structure their visits back so they can count on receiving their results. At MindYourSkin, Dr Robben is providing the effective, long-lasting results you can expect from an experienced doctor specializing in nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. After all, you want it done right!

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Botox Cosmetic Injections

What Are the Basics of BOTOX®?

If muscle activity is the problem behind certain wrinkles, minimizing that muscle activity is the solution. BOTOX® Cosmetic is an injectable in the neuromodulator family, which means it interferes with the proper transmission of nerve signals.

When the muscles rest, so does the overlying skin. After being injected with BOTOX®, the targeted muscles stay more relaxed instead of receiving the message to contract fully. For a natural look, “less can be more” with judicious dosage and placement.

“My friends say to me I look so good I “don’t need BOTOX,” but [what they don’t know is] I have noticeable results with a refreshed and natural appearance.”

What is BOTOX® Used For?

The FDA allows manufacturer Allergan to promote BOTOX® as a treatment for horizontal forehead lines, frown lines above the nose and between the eyes, and crow’s feet (“smile, or lateral canthal lines”) immediately next to the eyes.

Years of research and practical use by talented doctors have also led to other successful applications for BOTOX®  These include smoothing bunny lines on the nose, reducing the degree of gum-line visible when smiling, and addressing excessive, uncontrollable sweating, better known as axillary (under arms), palmar (palms of the hands) and plantar (bottom of the feet) hyperhidrosis

Dr. Robben also uses BOTOX® for smoker’s lines, “orange peel chin (“cobble-stone or golf-ball chin),” nose-tip lift and more at the Havertown, Main Line, PA and wider Philadelphia area’s Mind Your Skin.

Botox Injectables Philadelphia

This link takes you to a representative treatment example for frown lines

This one takes you to a representative treatment example for forehead lines

This link takes you to a representative treatment example for crow’s feet

And this one takes you to a representative treatment example for axillary hyperhidrosis   

For more information on hyperhidrosis visit the International Hyperhidrosis Society Web Site at


What is a BOTOX® Session Like?

After your complimentary consultation is through and you have decided on BOTOX®, the actual treatment will go quickly. Each visit has unique elements that depend on specific details, but they generally all involve only a few injections that are completed in less than 10 to 15 minutes. Expect the feel of a slight “pinch” with each injection, but little more in the way of discomfort.

Dr. Norbertus Robben administers Botox® injections in Havertown & Philadelphia, PA
*Patient results may vary.

There may be some soreness, redness, swelling, or an occasional tiny bruise at the injection site. These and other, similar side effects do tend to resolve on their own without intervention. A touch-up or ‘tweak’ may be done after a two-week interval, especially if this was your first treatment. But then we have an established pattern for you going forward!

How Long Do BOTOX® Results Last?

The effects of a BOTOX® treatment will begin to be visible within a few days of the injections and kick in fully at 10 to 12 days. From here, you can expect the wrinkle-reducing results to last for three to four months. Throughout that time, activity in the treated muscles will be inhibited. As the effects wear off, the muscles will contract normally again, motion will return, and the related folds and lines come back.

Patients who want to keep their forehead lines, crow’s feet, and other wrinkles away can discuss a long-term cost saving Maintenance Program treatment plan with Dr. Robben and the Mind Your Skin team. With injection sessions scheduled at regular intervals you maximize safe, reliable results to help you keep looking your best. In addition, MindYourSkin and Dr. Robben partner with Allergan, the makers of BOTOX®. They have an money saving program as well.


Go to and make yourself an account that also works for Juvederm® and Latisse®.

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What Else is Available?

Besides BOTOX®, meet the other members of the injectable neuromodulator family: Dysport® Jeuveau™ and Xeomin®. All have some unique properties that set them apart, but they function the same way as BOTOX® and have the same wrinkle-smoothing effect.

Mind Your Skin also offers other injectables for addressing skin tone and facial contours. The lines BOTOX® works to smooth out are known as “dynamic wrinkles” because they are associated with skin movement caused by repetitive muscle activity. Another type of lines, “static wrinkles,” develop under the influence of gravity, due to a drop in collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid levels. These wrinkles and folds require different cosmetic treatment to address. Dermal fillers and skin-tightening serve to soften wrinkles that appear due to these age-related skin changes. In combination, neuromodulators and fillers can help achieve what is referred to as the ‘liquid face-lift’.

Yet another, though different type of injectable, Kybella® , which is derived from a dietary enzyme, reduces the number of fat cells in a double chin to create more definition on the neck and jawline.

Beyond injectables, patients will find a range of laser-based treatments for skin tightening and lifting, resurfacing, and rejuvenation.  Offered as well are chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and microneedling.

Dr. Robben and his team work with their patients to understand each person’s cosmetic goals and identify the best possible treatments.

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