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Mind Your Skin, led by Norbertus Robben, MD, focuses on nonsurgical aesthetic medicine for women and men in the Havertown, Main Line, Delaware Valley and Philadelphia areas. The team offers a wide range of non-surgical, limited-downtime treatments. These address cosmetic concerns, from wrinkles and pigment changes due to sun damage, and other signs of aging, to excess fat and sagging skin.

Dr. Norbertus Robben in consultation with a patient at his Havertown and South Philadelphia aesthetic medical practice

You need an experienced guide because the world of cosmetic medicine can feel like a dense forest: difficult to navigate. We make it our job to sort through available procedures and treatment options and select the ones we feel are of the most benefit to you. Dr. Robben regularly participates in practice-enhancing educational and credentialing events. Our work has led to Mind Your Skin being recognized by patients and colleagues in our area, as well as by our vendors. Mind Your Skin has for years maintained between Gold and Diamond  status with , maker of Botox®, the Juvederm® family of fillers, and Kybella® (for treatment of a ‘double chin’).

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We take pride in rendering care in a personable, dedicated, and knowledgeable fashion. Mind Your Skin gets you started on an affordable, effective, personalized skin rejuvenation program.

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Contact Mind Your Skin in Havertown in the Philadelphia area to learn more about the practice and available treatments. Call 610-924-0800 or send a message online.

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