UltraShape® Power

Offering Non-Surgical Body Fat Shaping Treatment in Philadelphia & Havertown, PA

UltraShape® in Philadelphia, PA & Havertown, PAULTRASHAPE® POWER Procedure

Mind Your Skin introduces UltraShape® Power in Philadelphia and Havertown, PA. It is the first and only FDA-cleared, noninvasive, and zero downtime body-shaping procedure because it uses focused, pulsed ultrasound for selective fat cell destruction. This fat destruction is a fully customized treatment so it’s not like anything else out there. It safely breaks up fat cells permanently without harming other tissues or leaving you with uneven contours.

Up to 32 percent of fat cells are destroyed, resulting in a smaller circumference of the treatment area, which can be abdomen, flanks, thighs, or arms. Feel good in those too-tight jeans without that muffin top!

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What is UltraShape® Power?

FDA approved UltraShape® Near Me

Your solution for that stubborn area that diet and exercise just won’t touch is UltraShape® Power in Philadelphia and Havertown, PA . The treatment is ideal for helping an average to modestly overweight person to achieve improved body shape and contour. UltraShape® Power offers an effective alternative to surgery/liposuction for patients seeking a significant reduction of localized fat deposits. An UltraShape® treatment is comfortable and won’t keep you from your regular daily activities. Get treatment, then hit your yoga class or head back to the office. It is that simple. The protocol is for three to four treatments spaced two weeks apart. Incorporating exercise and diet into the body sculpting protocol helps achieve best results. Invest in a healthier and happier you.

The UltraShape® Procedure

Ultrashape Procedure

Unlike liposuction, UltraShape® Power is nonsurgical, which means no incisions, anesthetics, or recovery time. And unlike other fat-reduction procedures that use heat or freeze fat, UltraShape® Power is painless and protective of skin and its structures. And unlike the stationary applicators of CoolSculpting® and SculpSure®, the ultrasound transducer is moved constantly, and more treatment can be directed to dwell longer in areas that need it more. The content of the fat cells burns off as fuel or travels through the vascular and lymphatic systems to the liver. Then it processed via the body’s natural mechanisms. All it leaves you with are smooth, contoured results, often as quickly as two to four weeks after the first treatment. The the full effect takes eight to 12 weeks to achieve.

The UltraShape® Power Results in Philadelphia & Havertown

UltraShape® Power Before and After

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Additional before and after of Ultrashape/Velashape treatment

Is UltraShape® Power Permanent?

You see a long-lasting effect because fat cells destruction is permanent. UltraShape® Power has a RealSelf rating of more than 90 percent! There is an additional skin tightening benefit because of our treatment combination with VelaShape® III. “UltraShapes” are not all created equal. Make sure that it is the latest “Power” series and that you are in experienced hands! Three years ago we were among the first in our area to receive the UltraShape® Power.) Click on the arrow to play our waiting room video.

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