Dysport® and Xeomin®

More Injectable Options for Wrinkles in the Havertown, Main Line, PA and wider Philadelphia Area

Among the numerous cosmetic procedures available at Mind Your Skin are  wrinkle-relaxing injectables like Dysport® and Xeomin®. Just as BOTOX® Cosmetic, these neuromodulators cause specific muscles to relax. This diminishes their ability to pull the overlying skin into visible lines and folds. This smoothes frown lines, we call them glabellar lines, which form between the eyes just above the nose. They are most apparent when you make a confused or stern expression—anything that pulls the forehead down and eyebrows together. In addition they work well for transverse lines across the forehead and crow’s feet (“smile lines”) around the eyes. Dysport & Xeomin in Philadelphia and surrounding areas are at times available at lower cost . But Botox Cosmetic® remains the gold standard in the industry.

Dysport & Xeomin in Philadelphia
Dysport & Xeomin in Philadelphia


Norbertus Robben, MD, performs all of the injections himself, working with each patient to determine which injectable and which pattern of injection is right for our Havertown, Main Line, PA, and surrounding areas. The four neuromodulator (Jeuveau is the newest) options are all similar, but have subtle differences that we review during an initial consultation. In combination with fillers, neuromodulators help achieve a ‘liquid face-lift’. In our experienced hands, whether you are from Philadelphia, Havertown, Springfield or Media, West Chester, PA, the Main Line around Bryn Mawr, Ardmore or Wynnewood, you can expect months of a softer, more youthful look!
Dr. Robben partners with Galderma, distributors of Dysport® so you can award yourself for doing treatments: www.aspirerewards.com/register will get you on your way and works for the Restylane® family of products as well.

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