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Keep Up on the Latest Happenings at Mind Your Skin in Havertown, off the Main Line, PA and in the larger Philadelphia Area

Mind Your Skin is always seeking to improve the skin care experience and results for our patients, which is why we are eager to regularly share developments, breakthroughs, and opportunities with our patients. Check here for the latest news, events, and specials and promotions at our Havertown and South Philadelphia area practice locations.

We always welcome your referrals and our BFF program rewards (see below) that with $50 for both you and your BFF 🙂



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Love the skin you’re in…

All specials  are “while supplies last”. Select from the most reliable cosmetic skin care treatments and available services such as…


  • Botox® welcome offer for new patients: $50 off


  • SkinViveNEW! SkinVive injectable microdroplet skin hydrator by Juvéderm: INTRODUCTORY OFFER: $550 for two syringes
  • XEOMIN® $50 off (30 units minimum), but only while coupons last!!
  • Juvéderm® Voluma, unsurpassed for cheek or chin augmentation. Get the 2nd syringe at $275 OFF (2 syringes=$1670 $1395)
  • Jeuveau™  $40 off a treatment (30 units minimum), but while coupons last..
  • Kybella™ for unwanted submental fat: $600 450/vial (Average first treatment session is 1-2 vials; some patients like another session)
  • Pre-pay and bank 100 units of Botox for $12 per unit.
  • Botox $12/unit when combined with a DiamondGlow treatment
  • Radiesse 1.5 cc filler $100 off (1 syringe=$695 $595)
  • Prolennium Revanesse Versa facial filler $495/syringe
  • Any second full size filler is $150 off
  • Refer a Friend and you both get $50 off a treatment


  • SkinBetter Science ALTO & ALPHARET A-Team Duo Kit SkinBetter Science® Duo : $150 $125, while supplies last. For this sale you have to purchase directly from our office, NOT the SkinBetter Science website.
  • 20% off of all sunblock
  • New” DiamondGlow Skin Treatment 3 in 1 microdermabrasion that exfoliates, cleanses & infuses SkinMedica customized serums into the skin. Introductory price @ $250; first 10 treatments receive a free SkinMedica method care kit.
  • Check out Skinbetter promos at
  • Get a SkinFuse Surge1 collagen builder free when booking a series of three SkinBetter Science peels ($375); improve texture, overall skin tone and blemishes. Peels blend Lactic, Salicylic and Glycolic acids with their AlphaRet® technology.
  • New PerfectPeel10 in three strenghts: UNIVERSAL, ADVANCED, INTERMEDIATE; $50 off
  • VI ‘original’ peel: Get free Retinol moisturizer.
  • UltraShape-Power/VelaShape-III for stubborn fat & cellulite.  20% OFF Series of three treatments.  Valid thru July 31st
  • Profound Long-pulse radiofrequency (RF) skin-tightening 15% OFF $3500 $3000. Profound  builds up matrix of collagen, and elastin and hyaluronic acid. Choose free PRP booster treatment or a free FX laser tightening of the eyelids. (see below) . Valid thru July 31st
  • Juliet for intimate wellness and stress incontinence: $1000 for two treatments (see below)
  • Titan Infra-red skin tightening for mid-face, jowls&neck. No down-time! $1195; repeat treatments $995
  • ActiveFX® laser for texture, pigmentation and tightening (incl. eyelids!)   $1195; repeat treatments $995
  • Laser Hair Removal: Packages available. 20% off of 1st treatment. Start or add any new area and receive a free facial peel
  • SkinPen® Microneedling to reduce fine lines, acne scars, pores and texture: 3 treatments for $975 and get one free PRP treatment!
  • Check out our  MYS webstore

  • New Patients


    Microdermabrasion Welcome Special for New MYS patients

    $150 $125

    Microdermabrasion, a mechanical exfoliation using diamond tipped wands from Diamondtome to provide a gentle exfoliation and brightening of skin.

    BFF Referral

    $50 off

    for you and for your friend or family

    Share Mind Your Skin with friends or family and  you and your BFF receive $50 credit if they do any service of $250 or more

    Gift Certificates Available

    Gift certificates available for any amount and anytime giving 🙂

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    Filler Specials

    Select from the most reliable cosmetic skin care treatments and available services such as…

    New Allergan Filler Specials:
    (See above as well)

    All Juvéderm® XC

    UltraXC_left facing_RGB_2000pxUltraPlusXC_left facing_RGB_2000px

    VolbellaXC_left facing_RGB_2000pxVolbellaaXC_left facing_2x55_RGB_2000px

    VollureXC_left facing_RGB_2000pxVolumaXC_left facing_RGB_2000px

    Mix and match and get $100 off of a second 1 ml syringe: Ultra®, UltraPlus®, Volbella®, Vollure®, Volux.  See separate special below for Juvéderm Voluma®.  Must be in Allergan’s Allē Rewards Program to receive this and additional benefits.

    Call To Purchase

    Volbella® is a long lasting flexible filler for fine lines and for lip enhancement, and Vollure® is a longer lasting flexible filler for laugh lines and marionette lines.

    Juvéderm® Voluma XC


    VolumaXC_left facing_RGB_2000pxVolumaXC_left facing_RGB_2000px

    Buy two syringes for $1395 and save $$275!!

    Voluma® is a long-lasting support lending filler, ideally suited to treat age-related mid-facial volume loss, and contouring of the cheeks

    Call To Purchase


    Botox® Specials and Promotions

    • You can get $50 off from MindYourSkin if you are: A New patient (30 unit minimum)  at the time of first treatment with us, or an Existing MYS patient adding a new crow’s feet treatment to your usual treatment of frown and/or forehead


    #botoxcosmetic for lines of expression:

    frown, forehead and crow’s feet


    Jeuveau ™, the Newtox#

    Limited time offer: Purchase a minimum of 30 units Jeuveau and receive $80 off of your first treatment.



    In our experience, Jeuveau has a slightly quicker onset, with comparable results as compared with other toxins. Duration probably falls between Dysport® and Xeomin® on the one end and Botox® on the other.

    At this price point it is a good value!


    Peel Specials

    Refresh tired eyes & Plump your lips’ vermillion

    Glytone Eye & Lip series $400

    PerfectPeel10 and VI-peels

    $50 off

    Microneedling, PRP and Hair Care Specials and Promotions

    SkinPen Precision Microneedling

    Microneedling in Havertown and South Philadelphia

    for skin rejuvenation, fine lines, acne scars, decreasing of pore size. Stimulates collagen, improves texture. Series of 3 treatments


    includes free SkinFuse Surge1 Cream to target fibroblasts weekly and aid in the production of fresh collagen ($195 value)

    Skinfuse surge1 collagen boost


    Add PRP (regenerative skin healing) for $195 per microneedling treatment. We also offer this option after Erbium-FX, Active-FX resurfacing and Profound RF skin-tightening.

    Hair Care by ISDIN

    Thinning hair? Try ISDIN European hair care shampoo, conditioner and a weekly treatment to thicken aging and thinning hair. Powerful antioxidants for healthier looking hair*.


    Other Specials and Promotions

    Profound Dermal

    Treats unwanted skin laxity, jowls,

    as well as facial wrinkles

    non-surgical and award winning skin tightening treatment for face and the body



    Profound Cellulite

    Treats those unwanted fat deposits

    as well as cellulite

    award winning and non-surgical treatment, suitable for lower buttocks and thighs

    In our experience this is the first effective office-based treatment for cellulite reduction!




    Vaginal rejuvenation for stress incontinence and improved intimate health. Option to do external treatment as well, for tightening and discoloration. Two treatments are spaced four weeks apart



    /two treatment sessions


    Erbium Laser Peel

    This laser treatment adresses unwanted pigmentation and texture. Ideal for patients who want a little more than what they can get from Microdermabrasion, Microneedling or a Peel, but are not ready to do a Profound or ActiveFX




    The MYS Maintenance Program


    *Pre-book next Botox treatment at 4 months and/or subsequent filler treatment at 6-9 months (depending on filler used and area treated)

    Receive $50 savings at next pre-booked appointment as well as monthly specials* *Must use minimum of 25 units Botox and/or 1 syringe of Filler


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