NeoStrata glycolic foaming wash is formulated to exfoliate and cleanse congested pores. It prepares the skin for optimal benefits of the regimen that follows.
Neostrata foam wash is ideal for all skin types.

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NeoStrata Glycolic Foaming Wash is no longer sold through physician offices. The company decided to go store and internet. We carry other cleansers that will serve you well, including:


NeoStrata glycolic foaming wash
This product is formulated to exfoliate the  skin’s surface and cleanse congested pores. In addition, it prepares the skin for optimal benefits of the regimen that follows. NeoStrata’s foam wash is ideal for all skin types and produces softer skin. In addition it has a unique non-messy formula, gentle and user-friendly for daily use at the sink or under the shower.



  • Optimizes procedural outcomes as a result of prepping the surface
  • Reduces unsightly black heads, milia and syringomas
  • Helps restore elasticity, tone and texture


  • High strength AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) glycolic cleanser
  • Formulated with a smart delivery system in order to minimize irritation
  • Soap-free, hence non-allergenic


In general cleanse your face with the NeoStrata glycolic foaming wash in the morning (and night for tougher skin).

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