Here is your skin rejuvenation review! Updated May 25, 2023

We love of course what Botox® & fillers can do to turn back the clock, but have you tried any of these treatments to restore and enhance a youthful appearance to the entire face? Your Botox and filler will only look better with these skin rejuvenating procedures and you will look thoroughly refreshed for 2023!

1. Microneedling with the SkinPen Precision is a great way to go, without the downtime or cost of a typical laser treatment. One treatment to refresh dull aging skin or in a series several to go after fine lines, texture, lip lines or acne scarring. This tissue remodeling treatment is loved by patients because it is very well tolerated and and good for all skin types. !Great treatment choice for someone who can’t do the downtime of a laser or wants something more rejuvenating than a microdermabrasion.

2. Profound Radio Frequency micro-needling stimulates 3 structural matrix components of the skin: Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen as well as Elastin. It is our most powerful non-surgical skin tightening treatment. The results are natural looking, come in gradually over an ~12 week period and can last 3-5 years. (remember: a facelift is not permanent either; so this represents a good alternative to push a surgery out into the future, or to avoid needing a second one)
Dr. Robben’s most rejuvenating ‘best of both worlds’ treatment is Profound-RF combined with ActiveFX-CO2 so you get what each is best at: Skin tightening and resurfacing, while also addressing unwanted pigmentation. The FX adds eyelid tightening to the mix! Nonsurgical treatments leaving you looking rested and rejuvenated. Patients rave about the beautiful glow from their skin. Skin continues to improve for months after the treatment. Expect 1 week of downtime and potential of some minor bruising.

3. ActiveFX-CO2 face: A Gold Standard for resurfacing and tightening your skin. After 4-5 days of downtime patients look more refreshed with full results in 2-3 months. An all-time patient favorite! Most people who know the benefits of this laser device do this once a year to improve texture & tone. September through June are the perfect time to do these treatments (avoid summer).

4. Titan infrared skin tightening treatment. Another long time favorite of MYS patients. Skin tightening but with Zero downtime. This can be used for the neck and/or face. Stimulate collagen with this device expect up to 2-3 months for full effect.

5. Eye treatment for tired eyes; ActiveFX-CO2 ‘for your eyes only’. Kim’s favorite for the dark circles and crepeyness. Get out the rock star sun glasses and allow the laser a few days to do its magic. Bypass the full face treatment if your eyes show your age the most.

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6. Series of VI Peels for brightening skin without the downtime of the laser. Work up to stronger peels that stimulate collagen, lighten brown spots and brighten skin.

7. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) for restoration of thinning hair or add it to laser treatments for better and quicker healing response. PRP can be applied topically and/or introduced in little injections to promote collagen, micro-nutrients and regrowth of new healthy skin. Safely derived on the spot from your own blood.

8. UltraShape-Power for Body Sculpting. Say goodbye to up to 32% of Fat. Perfect for men and women, especially that stubborn menopausal weight gain over 50 weight gain. A customized, no-downtime treatment for abdomen, inner thighs, saddle bags. With this treatment we add a complementary skin tightening treatment (VelaShape-III)

9. Vela Shape-III is a favorite safe and effective device for improving appearance of cellulite and improving tone. Love it for front and backs of legs, and buttocks. Can also help the flabby arms. Profound-SubQ is yet another approach to cellulite.

10. LaserGenesis “Laser Facial” perfect for diffuse redness (as in rosacea) while stimulating collagen, and decreasing pore size. No downtime for this treatment 🙂

11. We are often asked: “What is new and exciting:, and we’d have to say “skincare”. In the 18 years that we’ve been in business, the biggest strides have been in ‘chemical peels’ we do in-office, and what you can do at home! SkinBetter Science, SkinCeuticals, Avène/Glytone, ISDIN, Biopelle, EltaMD; let us guide you into what’s good for you. These can be found in our Skin Care Products Shop.

We hope your skin rejuvenation review was helpful. Call today (610-924-0800) and schedule your complimentary consultation and/or treatments today. Let us help you decide what treatment is best for you!

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